Health, Technology and the Forgotten Stepchild of Innovation

Extending innovation to the business of health and wellness

The headlines are clear.  Digital technology is transforming the way we measure blood pressure, body temperatures, blood sugar and other clinical indicies.

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And they can be tracked with the simplicity of your smart phone.  We are on the verge of the “quantified self” and health innovative has rightfully staked out claims around medical and technology breakthroughs. But when it comes to innovating business models for healthcare delivery, it appears we have failed to keep pace with clinical innovations, and surprisingly with most other industries.

This is not insignificant.

The changes, frequently only marginal, in patient outcomes associated with “digital health” are important. But the quantum shifts that can emerge from advances in healthcare delivery have the potential to offer even bigger changes.  Changes that don’t rely on the “what if” of future technological innovation but live in the “real world” of practical application.  Simply put, they already exist, but fail to be implemented.

I recently  sat down with Faisal Hoque in his Stamford, CT offices and talked about healthcare business innovation. Faisal is an entrepreneur, thought leader, author of several business books, founder and CEO of BTM Corporation, and founder of a research think tank – the BTM Institute. Two of his most recent books, The Power of Convergence and Sustained Innovation,take readers on a journey through best practices for creating business innovation with technology.  His vision of health innovation wasn’t with a smart phone, but with a sharp pencil and a smart mind.

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