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Below are some highlights of Faisal’s video interviews.

Faisal Hoque talks here about his Wall Street Journal Bestseller LIFT: Fostering the Leader in You Amid Revolutionary Change and REINVENT: Navigating Business Transformation in a Hyperdigital Era on AUTHORS TV!

WHERE ARE WE? [an excerpt]
“We all have so many stories about how the pandemic has changed our behavior, our relationships, and our lives, possibly forever…..Now think about how you have changed, or want to change, as a result.” – LIFT

Entrepreneur and Author Faisal Hoque discusses his newest book, “REINVENT – Navigating Business Transformation in a Hyperdigital Era,” in which he outlines a step-by-step path for businesses and leaders to manage the evolution of reinventing businesses and processes in a fast-changing hyper digital world.

ABC NEWS INTERVIEW: It often seems that there’s never enough time in the day to get things done. Founder of SHADOKA and author Faisal Hoque says that technology sometimes can make us less productive.

Creativity, usually, is combination of a lot of different sources. Pushing the boundary of creativity and innovation — all stems from being mindful about discreet disciplines and discreet opportunities.

Authenticity does not come from title, social stature, or the size of one’s paycheck but rather from how we live. It is about how we go about pursue our dreams in our own unique way.

Faisal Hoque (Author & Founder, Shadoka)

Faisal Hoque talks about how life is a journey and it can be necessary to go through many reiterations of oneself along the way. He discusses how leaders need to have the self-knowledge about their passions and beliefs if they want to lead other people.

It’s a view of value that goes far beyond price tag or profit margin. Value is truly multifaceted—emotional, tactile, even spiritual. Part of the art of running a long-term organization is to recognize the relationship between the daily and the monthly, the quarterly and the yearly.

Faisal Hoque talks about the need for leaders and entrepreneurs to have a deep understanding of themselves including who you are at the core of your being. According to Hoque, without authenticity, you cannot see where you want to go or influence others as a leader.

Faisal Hoque talks about the need for leaders to have a clear vision of their organization’s goals and can connect with their employees at an emotional level if they want to motivate their high-performing teams.

Faisal Hoque talks about why it is important to get past one’s personal biases to innovate and create change. He talks about the need to have a richness of experience and to put down one’s biases to be a better leader.

Faisal Hoque talks about one of the biggest lessons he has learned as a leader that has to do with having empathy for others. According to Hoque, if you are not empathetic to the people that you lead then it is unlikely you will be effective as a leader. He discusses how if you want employees to execute your ideas then you need to connect with them on an emotional level.

“Globalization and the transformative power of access to enabling technologies has made the prevailing cause-and-effect narrowness of traditional economic theory outdated, and more enlightened views must be applied to solve the complex issues we globally face today.” says Hoque.

Faisal Hoque, Founder and Managing Partner of Shadoka, speaks with SarderTV correspondent, Tracey Fitzpatrick, about how a humanistic, holistic leader arranges moments of progress. In the same way that a farmer tills the soil to help seeds germinate, a leader may till the workflow to allow meaningful progress and the engagement that follows to take root.

Faisal Hoque talks about the need for leaders to utilize the concept of cross-boundary collaboration to effect change. He discusses why it is so important for departments within an organization to work together and why leaders need to look outside their organization for opportunities for collaboration.

Faisal Hoque shares his opinion that women and men can be both equally good and equally bad as entrepreneurs and leaders. He discusses why it is important for women and men leaders to learn from each other and to appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Faisal Hoque, Founder and Managing Partner of Shadoka, speaks with SarderTV correspondent, Tracey Fitzpatrick, about his book, Everything Connects: How to Transform and Lead in the Age of Creativity, Innovation, and Sustainability. He discusses the main theme of his book which deals with how to connect with yourself to influence and inspire others as a and create value both financially and socially.

Faisal Hoque talks about how leaders need to be both resilient and have perseverance. He discusses how these qualities can be improved through practice and experience. Hoque explains why these qualities are so important for leaders to possess particularly in difficult times.

Faisal Hoque provides his recommendations for staying ahead of the competition as an entrepreneur or a business leader. According to Hoque, you need to look at what happened in the past, what is happening now and what is likely to happen in the future and then connect the dots. He discusses the importance of being aware of what is going on outside one’s organization including keeping an eye on one’s competitors.

Faisal Hoque talks about the different ways to get funding for a new venture. He offers his views that it takes less money now to build a company and that opens new ways to get capital including crowdsourcing or even turning to customers.

The people we work with are not so unlike the plants the farmer grows—we can’t simply tell them to produce. The growing happens within them, and for people to want to work rather than having to work is actually a matter of managing progress, not people,” says Hoque.

CBS News NYC Interview with Faisal Hoque. To survive and thrive, we need to find ways to deal with pressure and uncertainty. Entrepreneur, author, founder of Shadoka, Faisal Hoque shares his insights on how to be more resilient and productive.

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