Top 100 Most Influential People in Technology

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Faisal Hoque, the entrepreneur and innovator, was born in Bangladesh and found

himself in the boardrooms of Fortune 100s by the time he was 27.

Marshall Goldsmith

#1 Leadership Thinker in the World

About Faisal


student of life, entrepreneurship, and humanity, Faisal Hoque as a child, has lived through war and famine. As a college student, he worked the graveyard shift as a janitor. As a serial entrepreneur since the early 90s, he has been traveling the cutting edge world of innovation, technology, and global business. And as an author for two decades, he has been exploring the intersection of science and humanities.

I am originally from Bangladesh. When I was in High School, I did a lot of reading that were written in Bengali, my native language. It is a derivative of Sanskrit. There were a lot of mindfulness, Buddhist, Sufi, and Hindu influences in what I was reading. Many years later, when I was in Japan for the fist time, I took a detour; and traveled through various parts of the country that tourists just don’t visit. I ended up at a Buddhist Monastery and it triggered a profound internal transformation.” 

He holds a strong belief that it is through knowledge sharing that we may provide the greatest clarity on how to improve our collective future.

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