What Do Employees And Colleagues Really Value?

Do you know what it takes to attract and retain the best employees? The answer might surprise you.

In the turbulent world of the workplace, there’s no shortage of discussion about what people genuinely embrace – the latest technology, a sense of inclusion, and meaningful work are usually discussed, among many other possibilities.

Right now, ask yourself what are the three most important factors to attract and retain employees? Write them down.

Was one of these factors “transformation”?

If not, you’re not alone. Transformation is often lost in the shuffle when executives consider what is important to their most talented employees. That appeal doesn’t come in the form of a polite request. Increasingly, it’s an outright demand, an essential component of employee recruiting and retention.

Technology is often the first thing most executives think of when pondering how to flourish in a digital world.  But to leverage everything digital transformation offers, you need people. A 2021 global study concluded that transformation which centers on the people who are impacted is 2.6 times more likely to succeed than those that don’t.

Transformation that is people-focused recrafts the employee experience. It fosters a knowledgeable, creative, flexible, and productive workforce.  Not only does that mean employees who are skilled with tools such as artificial intelligence but who are attuned to developing new ideas and can move into new and shifting roles comfortably and enthusiastically.

To make certain that any transformative effort you pursue places sufficient focus on its Impact on the people you rely on, consider these and other questions like them:

  • Are we obtaining sufficient employee buy-in by inspiring them? Employees need to fully understand how transformation will improve their working lives. Inspire them by detailing how the transformation will strengthen the company, create new jobs, or how it could benefit employee career tracks and growth.
  • Are we being as transparent as possible? Employees who maintain their enthusiasm are well-informed. Keep them as current as possible on how the transformation is proceeding, including any specific upcoming hurdles and challenges.
  • Do we really know what the employee experience will be like once the transformation takes hold? A successful transformation is one in which everyone is caught up in the energy of the moment, with clear anticipation of what to expect. Consider such elements as accessible and ongoing learning resources, flexible work arrangements, and an emphasis on steps that can strengthen work-life equilibrium.
  • Are we open to adjustments and tweaking our transformation if it’s necessary to better workers’ experience? Enough said.

Transforming your organization involves much more than a plug-and-play approach that only considers technology. Put your people at the heart of the transformative journey and your success and benefits will follow accordingly.

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