How Tough-Minded People Thrive

Tough-minded people are resilient. The noun resilience stems from the Latin resiliens “to rebound, recoil.”

For most, life eventually throws us a major curve ball. Like millions, I have had my share of adversity. Growing up in Bangladesh, I have seen war, famine, and inhumane poverty. As an entrepreneur, technologist, and author, I have faced many professional and personal failures and rejections. I had to get tough and learn the art of resiliency to survive and then thrive.

Tough-minded people develop a mental capacity that allows them to adapt with ease during adversity, bending like bamboo instead of breaking. They possess a set of powerful traits.

Allow me to share some of them here:


Infographic made with Visme.

Copyright © 2016 by Faisal Hoque. All rights reserved.

[Feature Image: Unsplash User Todd Diemer]

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