In 2022, Leverage Positive Change

We all have an obligation to ourselves and others to understand, nurture, and manage the “revolution” that’s taking place—rather than having revolutionary change manage us.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. However applicable in many situations, that old adage isn’t entirely true when it comes to the level and scope of change that the world is experiencing. With four largely unprecedented drivers—the Fourth Industrial Revolution, COVID-19, climate change, and misinformation—completely upending the ways we live, work, and play, the future poses challenges and opportunities utterly unlike anything the world has seen before.

There is no magic bullet here. No single approach to making the most of the opportunity of the change we have experienced—and will continue to experience—will prove the be-all and end-all solution to the challenges that change poses for us. Rather, it will be a confluence of ideas, strategies, and actions that will prove effective in managing and making the most of sweeping change. That will involve not only constant experiential learning but also a willingness to experiment and improvise. The world that existed yesterday will be decidedly different from that of tomorrow and the day after. It will take a complete and adaptable toolkit for each of us to cope effectively with that ongoing cycle of reinvention.
But it’s also an optimistic time to be alive. However grim reality can often be, mistakes, miscalculations, and even the most significant challenges are as mortal as we are. Approach them with the skills and an attitude born of opportunity and possibility, and the future can make the struggles and frustrations of the past seem like distant memories.

Excerpt from Faisal Hoque’s  forthcoming book “Lift: Fostering the Leader in You Amid Revolutionary Global Change. Copyright 2022 by Faisal Hoque. All rights reserved.

[Photo by Tim Bernhard on Unsplash]


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