“Everything Connects” Book Review, Entrepreneur ME Magazine


Nov, 2014 Issue

If there is a single line in this book that sums up what the author thinks of leadership, it is this: “Leadership is a way of owning the impact that you and your organization is going to have on the world.” It is from this sentence, found buried in a chapter on structures of innovation, that one can surmise how Everything Connects actually reads.

This book leads to understanding the impact a leader has not just on their own business, but on everything connected to that business.

As leadership books go, this one is unusual in that it doesn’t just trot out the usual tropes about setting examples, defining goals, and other lofty advice.  It actually provides true framework to achieve exactly what the authors are proposing.  Pick this one up when you want to challenge the champions of the old way of doing things, and perhaps encourage them to think in new ways.”

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