How Lego Survived Against All Odds—And You Can, Too

Survival in life or in business has always been about the human journey.

Find out how Lego and its founder Ole Kirk Christiansen found the strength to rebuild over and over again with persistence, purpose, and reinvention.

BY FAISAL HOQUE | March 10, 2014

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Also featured in LinkedIn Pulse What Inspires Me | Nov 9 2014

Lego has just become the biggest toy company in the world–but it hasn’t always been that successful. Throughout the years, it has survived and thrived against all odds, repeatedly.

Lego’s story of survival begins with its founder Ole Kirk Christiansen.

“Life is a gift, but it’s more than just that. Life is a challenge.”

Christiansen had to deal with repeated setbacks. He lost his job during the Great Depression era. Soon after, he was left to raise four sons upon the death of his wife.

Shortly after he started Lego, a fire broke out at the workshop, destroying all their drawings and models. Two more major workshop fires followed. As a result, revenue was scarce for many years.

Only a decade ago, Lego was on the verge of destruction. But they turned things around when they reinvented themselves through digital transformation.

In spite of repeated setbacks, Lego still found the strength to rebuild over and over again. If they gave up, the world would have missed out on one of the greatest sources of imagination, inspiration, and impact on children and adults alike.

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