How Highly Resilient People Survive to Thrive

Resilience is the universal human capacity to face, overcome, and even be strengthened by experiences of adversity — bending like bamboo instead of breaking.

“Resiliency is an attitude; it’s your belief that you can conquer anything. It is the ability to go from days to weeks to months to years to reach your destination, defining and re-defining your personal goals along the way. At times, it means using adversity to find the opportunities that lead us to our true destiny.” — Survive to Thrive

Creating your thoughts, following your own path, ignoring skeptics, and dusting yourself off every time you fall requires discipline over energy and drive.

Often, that comes solely from within. How we cultivate that inner focus is by taking steps on our personal journey with resilience, which is the focus of this presentation.

An authentic and inspiring purpose allows for:

  • emotional engagement to claim our destiny
  • focus by redefining our priorities
  • pragmatic paths to move forward

Use the Everything Connects leadership app and Suvvive to Thrive resiliancy app for free.
[Photo by Keith Hardy on Unsplash]
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