Faisal Hoque’s Interview on Investor’s Business Daily


Good Habits Fuel Sustained Effort Needed To Achieve


Founder of ShadokaFaisal Hoque, who with Lydia Dishman wrote “Survive To Thrive: 27 Practices of Resilient Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Leaders,” noted that “multitasking increases the possibility of mistakes, which decreases productivity. When we perform too many activities at one time, it usually increases our stress levels.”

Take small steps. Achieve this daily and be consistent. Even with monotasking, cut the fat out of the number of tasks you’re committing to in the first place. “This may sound counterintuitive, but the fewer number of tasks we try to do, the more effectively we tackle the tasks at hand,” Hoque said.

Practice rituals. Repetition is how we develop winning habits, Hoque said: “Choosing to do the right thing, even when we don’t feel like it, develops good habits. As a very basic example, waking up at the same time creates predictability, the structure of which allows for sustainable daily productivity.”

Eye on the prize. Hoque notes that successful entrepreneurs are driven by the attitude that they have no choice but to survive. They want to make a difference, “to do something that has a positive and long-lasting impact.”

Keep at it. Success is a fluid thing that requires a person to be resilient and as tough as a sapling tree, Hoque wrote: “It may bend, but does not break when the storm comes. It makes use of the rain and wind to continue to grow stronger.”

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