The Promise and The Challenge of Automation and AI In The Workplace

An essential part of any future transition requires both left-brained (analytical) and right-brained (creative) talent and culture. Value creation process from Automation and AI is no different.

Both nebulous and complicated by nature, AI and the movements that it’s fueling all require a highly specialized skillset. For it to work, people must connect the dots between the AI and how it can be effectively applied in the private or public sector. That’s not always easy to do — and the very notion of it may be scary to some who think that the day when machines “take over” may be far off.

I belive, Automation and AI will allow us to do more meaningful and ‘Human’ work. And to do more ‘Human’ work, we have to double down on our humanity. We must learn:

  • To be mindful, emphatic, and resilient
  • To inspire, influence, and lead
  • To champion creativity, diversity, and cross-border collaboration

Value creartion begins with focusing on humanity. This was the topic of my recent keynote at the 2018 EU HR Director Summit in Milano, Italy — in collaboration with my partners at Altea Federation:

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