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Recipient of numerous prestigious awards [shortlisted for the 2023 Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Award], Faisal Hoque speaks at international conferences, business schools, corporate gatherings, and business summits. His talks are focused on leadership, innovation, and transformation with particular focus on organizational mindset, technology, entrepreneurship, creativity, and mindfulness for long-term sustainable impact.

Notable Summits

He has given speeches at the EU HR Director Summit, Department of Defense (DoD), US Marines, Airbus, CEO Summits at the NY Stock Exchange, Global China Summits, Forbes Business Leadership Forum, MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership, Thunderbird Sustainable Innovation Summit, BOOTH School of Business – Entrepreneurial Ventures, Chief Executive Magazine CEO Roundtables, Yale School of Management CEO Summits, Rutgers Business School, CIO Summit in Japan, Sino-American CIO Summit in Beijing, European CIO Summit in Monte Carlo, and CFO Magazine Technology Summit, among others.

Topics of Expertise

Future of Work with AI and Machine Learning

Still in the early stages of development and use, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning are already impacting how we live, work, and play. Is your organization ready to embrace and leverage these disruptive innovations?

Leadership In Uncertain Times

The constant cascade of social, economic, and technological change is reshaping our globe. Workforces are increasingly dispersed, demanding of self-expression, and quite possibly disengaged. Within this topsy-turvy context, leaders must spark creativity, drive innovation, and ensure sustainability.

How To Lead Digital Transformations

This can be defined as a process whereby an organization shifts their business models, processes, and organizational culture with digital technologies to adapt to changing customer behaviors. They adapt to meet ever changing customer expectations and engage with consumers in innovative ways.

Transform & Lead in the age of Agility & Innovation

The term transformation originated with biology and genetics. In short, biological transformation refers to the introduction of something organic and systemic that can change the essential nature of a cell. Its purpose is to invoke change. Agenda includes mindset, platform, & capabilities.

How Highly Resilient People Survive to Thrive

Resilience is the universal human capacity to face, overcome, and even be strengthened by experiences of adversity – bending like bamboo instead of breaking. How we cultivate our inner focus is by taking steps on our personal journey with resilience. This is the focus of this presentation.

How To Reinvent With An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Somewhere along the way, people became convinced that stasis is safer than movement. Consistency feels comfortable; volatility is frightening. Consciously or not, we attempt to protect ourselves against life’s volatility by cultivating routine in our lives.

Need a Keynote Speaker?

Book Faisal to speak at your next event on a number of topics outlined on this website, and maybe a few that aren’t. Institutions like Yale, Harvard, and NYU want to hear what Faisal has to say, and now you can too.

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