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 Switched On Leadership
Self-Improvement Strategies For Becoming A More Authentic Leader

Authentic leadership does not come from title, social stature, or the size of one’s paycheck but rather from how you live and the impact you make around you.

Motivational Memo
Trusting Your Life’s Journey

In life’s journey there are many encounters. Some are planned, some are by accident, and some by divine intervention.

 Mergers & Aquisitions
Operating Blueprints: Key to Managing PE Portfolio Companies in Volatile Markets

No contractor would build a house without blueprints, and the PE portfolio management operational structure and processes are no different. Every PE portfolio business ought to be using transparent operating blueprints that connect the dots between financial reporting and actual business operations in order to accurately represent such information on behalf of an organization.

 Leadership Excellence 
Transformative Growth: Architect it with Operating Blueprints
The Global Transformation underway represents extraordinary risk. Business strategies that embrace new socio-economic models and couple powerful new technologies are transforming the way we do business and the nature of the marketplace. Yesterday’s economic and business models are inadequate to ensure tomorrow’s success. It is time to move forward. Only new thinking will do.

 Wall Street Journal
The Technology Disconnect
It’s hard to find a glimmer of hope in the technology world these days.

The Importance of Collaborating with the Right People

The people we surround ourselves with can often make the difference between failure and survival. It’s not only who we surround ourselves with that matters, but how we interact with them that makes the difference.

Sources of Insight
The People Factor: Six Ways To Empower Yourself with Others

It doesn’t matter what you do, where you do it or how well you create a product or offer a service. You won’t succeed without the right people on your team and in your extended enterprise.

Survival Skills for Entrepreneurs and Leaders
Valuable insights on how to survive as a business leader are provided by serial entrepreneur Faisal Hoque, an Executive-in-Residence at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Executive MBA program.

 Entrepreneurs’ Organization – Overdrive
How to Compete in a Changing World

Beyond our own missteps or moments of brilliance, we face constant challenges in a quickly changing world that demands new rules. More enlightened and nimble thinking must be applied to solve the complex issues we face in today’s competitive global landscape.

 Smart Blog on Leadership
7 Steps to Creating a Transformative and Innovative Company

Today’s entrepreneurs need to question and rethink each thing they do, all the while asking themselves what’s working, what isn’t working and why. When the answer to those questions is positive — great! Onwards and upwards! However, when that’s not the case, you have to be ready to change course and find alternatives — dare I say, transform — in order to reach your goals.

 Industry Week
Achieving Transformative Success Requires Convergence

Success today rests upon the foundation of Convergence and repeatable, day-to-day cross-functional management disciplines. In a CONVERGED business: Agility is the catalyst. Innovation is sustained. Operations are excellent. Success is transformative.

Using A Humanitarian Business Model
Combining new types of enterprise and technologies can lead to market opportunities.

 BIZ Tech Magazine
Power of Convergence
One sign of a converged company is that the people making decisions on business and technology are the same people – they are conversant in both.

Smarter Technology
The Importance of Being Agile
Agile organizations have processes and structures that allow them to know what is going on internally and externally, as well as the mechanisms to act on that knowledge in a timely fashion.

 CIO Insight
Healthcare: A Nation of Luddites – A Management and Information Perspective
You would never put up with anything as inefficient as the US healthcare system in your own organization. Maybe we should apply some of the principles you use to the problem.
Innovation and Agility Start with Application Process Optimization

Innovation and agility are lofty goals that sound so good in annual reports but so often fail to materialize in the real world. That is because they must be pursued in the dirty and hazardous work of process optimization — and that’s a scary thought for many.

Knowledge is Key in Governing the Extended Enterprise
What distinguishes the extended enterprise today, of course, is knowledge — of the customer, the supplier and new business ideas in the minds of anyone, anywhere.

 CIO Update
U.S. Government: Big is Just Inefficient
Like any successful business, government requires a transparent operating blueprint that connects the dots between financial reporting and actual business operations in order to accurately represent such information on behalf of an organization.

How to Reinvent Business in the Age of ‘Massification’
Always innovating and bringing the best customer experience possible, new businesses in Europe have unleashed the Web and social media as powerful business tools with far more finesse than the U.S.

You have to Manage Technology to Benefit from It
Today’s enterprises need tools to make sense of the technology, to rationalize investment decisions so that they are centered in operational excellence.

Cloud is About More than Just Technology
Technology is far too crucial to every business to simply go away, but how it is perceived, utilized, and leveraged in support of driving value is a daily moving target, signifying a critical shift in focus from a basic necessity to a growth enabler of business.

Building a Better Mousetrap
Many challenges stand in the way of government, businesses and corporate leaders, and overcoming these challenges requires new perspectives, thinking and management framework that come together in a focused plan of action.

Streamlining Value Through Shared Services
As companies become increasingly more complex and, simultaneously, more integrated, the need for additional cross collaboration and more effective leveraging of the resources at their disposal is becoming increasingly significant.

Surviving Change by Remaining Focused
The problem stems from numerous inefficiencies caused by non-converged oversight, insufficient (or nonexistent) management, deficient accountability structures, and spending programs that are misaligned from intended outcomes.

Managing Risk Starts at the Top
Intensified concerns about risk management, auditing and fraud detection, and corporate governance have sensitized boards and top management teams to adopt an even more active role in the oversight of business strategy and key enterprise activities.

How to Govern the Ever-Extending Enterprise, Part II
How to Govern the Ever-Extending Enterprise, Part II Technology is breaking down traditional management practices and paving the way towards the horizontal enterprise, writes CIOUpdate columnist Faisal Hoque of BTM Corp. Here’s how to cope.

How to Govern the Ever-Extending Enterprise
The concept of the “extended enterprise” is hardly new. Even in the early years of the 20th Century when big corporations were gathering all the means of production under their corporate roofs to exercise control, the management theorists were advancing such ideas as the “organization as community” and the “environmental complex” as a management problem.

Surviving the Intersection of Technology, the Economy and Business
Those who believed they were immune quickly learned that this economic tsunami was more than they could overcome. We who remain look in the mirror and wonder if we are next.

Enhancing the CFO/CIO Partnership
Money makes the world go ’round. Score one: CFO. Technology moves the money ’round. Score one: CIO. Earning money is the point of business. Money is earned with technology. Score one each.

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