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Press Highlights

Fast Company
5 myths about the future of work that you need to stop believing
Entrepreneur and author Faisal Hoque put it this way, “The constant cascade of new technologies will continue to create a more empowered population. We will be increasingly connected and isolated at the same time. We will demand more self-expressions. Within this topsy-turvy context, we all will have to learn how to leverage humanities to connect, inspire, and influence others and ourselves.”

Cheif Executive 
So You Want To Be A Private Equity CEO?
You can’t unilaterally make big decisions to change direction—you need both input and buy-in from your PE partners. The ability to take that all in, have those conversations quickly and change course is critical. Rash decisions can also be disastrous. “It’s always a fine balance between being impulsive and being in analysis paralysis. That’s the heart of it,” says Faisal Hoque, founder and CEO of Shadoka. “You need data but you also need to be a risk taker whereby you can make faster decisions. The ability to balance those two factors—that’s experience.”

 Business Insider | Business Insider DE
2 University of California psychologists identified a mental trick to deal with post-interview stress
“You can read author and entrepreneur Faisal Hoque’s 4 steps to learn the art of mindfulness, including focusing on good thoughts and lessons learned from mistakes.”

Konzentriert euch auf eure Gedanken, um Energie zu sparen. „Ich glaube fest daran, dass jeder und alles ein Energieträger ist: Wir tragen nicht nur unsere eigene Energie, sondern auch die Energie der Leute, mit denen wir zusammen waren“, schreibt Hoque. Man müsse sich in Konfliktsituationen darauf konzentrieren, negative Menschen oder Situationen nicht zu absorbieren, um sich so vor negativer Energie zu schützen.

 Fox Business | LearnVest 
7 Ways to Keep Work Stress From Invading Your Entire Life
“Unless something unusual happened, rehashing and ruminating over things to your friends or spouse sometimes just feeds the stress,” Hoque says, as it will just stay on your mind during your downtime and potentially snowball into a bigger deal than it really is.

 Netwrok World
Driving Operational Excellence With Your Cloud Vendors
If your company is to survive in a competitive market, OE must be sought, explained Faisal Hoque in Fast Company. In other words, the enterprise must “identify, understand and create the capabilities, behaviors and focuses necessary for repeatable, continuous and measurable operational improvement,” said Hoque.

 Data Manager  
Se La Tecnologia Si Fonde Nel Business
In questo contesto – continua Ruscica – Altea ha creato una partnership strategica con Shadoka, società americana che fa riferimento a Faisal Hoque, uno dei teorici più stimati e riconosciuti in materia di Business Management e Technology.

The Power Of Convergence
Negli ultimi dieci anni, le aziende di successo hanno adottato metodologie rigorose di gestione del cambiamento. Tra tutte, convincente è l’applicazione del Business Technology Management Framework. Ideato da un gruppo di ricercatori (uno di questi è Faisal Hoque, tra i top 100 leader del pensiero digitale), combina un framework con una piattaforma software, trasformando pratiche comuni e spesso poco efficaci in metodologie sistematiche.

The Best Entrepreneurship Blogs for 2017
“Entrepreneur Faisal Hoque’s blog is packed with great tips for aspiring small business owners, but his psychological tips for staying strong under pressure and in the face of failure are a real standout. Why Faisal Hoque is a Top Entrepreneurship Blog: Entrepreneurship is a tough gig, so if you’re feeling the pressure every day, this blog’s tips for staying calm, clear-headed, and productive will be very helpful.”

Fast Company
What To Do When Popular Stress-Relief Advice Doesn’t Work For You
Rather than trying to find a 20-minute slot in your calendar to breathe and sit still, try simply slowing down when you’re working. That’s it. As entrepreneur Faisal Hoque previously wrote for Fast Company,  “Feeling like you’re constantly short on time is a state of mind. Sure, you may actually have more on your plate than you can possibly handle, but the way you work might be maximizing rather than reducing the stress of that.” When you train yourself to slow down, you’re also training your brain to pause more often, which helps you focus better, be more efficient, and free up more time which leads to . . . less stress.

Get Better At Managing Your Time
It’s one thing to set goals, and it’s another to meet them on time. The Project Management Institute reports that only 64% of projects meet their goals. Getting the job done without stretching deadlines can quickly make you a workplace star. One way to make sure you get things done is by avoiding generating too many ideas up front, according to entrepreneur Faisal Hoque, so keep it simple and straightforward. Once you’ve defined your project’s basic scope, says Hoque, outline a few of the initial milestones. “With every small first step,” he says, the path forward becomes ever clearer.”

From Productivity Shortcuts To Slower Work: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories
You’ve heard all about the evils of multitasking and the wonders of meditation—but chances are you still try to juggle too much at once and aren’t as reflective as you could be. The thing is, it could be costing you serious cognitive resources. This week, author and entrepreneur Faisal Hoque explained why slower might be better.

10 Expert Tips To Be More Productive In 2016
We asked our most prolific contributors to share their top tips to make 2016 your most productive year yet.

“Unlike the short bursts of tactical execution that tend to keep us busy over the course of a workday, cooking is more about process and decision-making. As Hoque sees it, that nurtures mindfulness, creativity, and the patience it takes to build mastery.”

The Small Business Guide to Growth Hacking
Inspiring stories, tangible advice, and compelling lessons from a fearless cast of entrepreneurs. Presented by OPEN Forum from American Express OPEN.

“And as serial entrepreneur Faisal Hoque observes, in the early days of Whole Foods, founder John Mackey focused on fostering an emotional attachment to the brand to nurture loyal customers, who then acted as evangelists.”

Fox Business
Faisal Hoque’s Interview – “How To Succeed In The Gig Economy”
Faisal Hoque, founder of Shadoka and author of “Survive to Thrive,” says while anyone can go out on their own, it’s important to do your homework before jumping head-first.

CBS News, NYC 
Faisal Hoque’s Interview – “Workplace Productivity”
Entrepreneur, author, founder of Shadoka, Faisal Hoque shares his insights on how to be more resilient and productive.

The Smart Magazine, India 
The Path of Endurance
In his newest book “Survive to Thrive”, co-authored with Lydia Dishman, Hoque draws upon the experiences of an extraordinary few.

Investor’s Business Daily
Faisal Hoque’s Interview – “Good Habits Fuel Sustained Effort Needed To Achieve”
“Success is a fluid thing that requires a person to be resilient and as tough as a sapling tree, Hoque wrote: “It may bend, but does not break when the storm comes. It makes use of the rain and wind to continue to grow stronger.”

tED Magazine 
Change is Inevitable: Creating a Fluid Corporate Culture
One serial entrepreneur and noted author shows how to create a innovative-based corporate culture that truly meets your customers’ needs.

Are You an Innovation Machine?
“Innovation has no end point,” Hoque continues, “and it includes everything from how you take your product to market to how you serve your customer to how you come up with effective pricing solutions.

How to Innovate Without Scaring Everyone Around You
It starts with acknowledging the fact that change isn’t fun for anyone. “People like their comfort zones, but when they stay in those zones they miss out on opportunities,” says Faisal Hoque, a serial entrepreneur, founder of SHADOKA.

Narrowing the Innovation Gap
The good news, says Hoque, is that bold innovation doesn’t have to break the bank, nor does it have to take years to implement.

 Manta – The Place for Small Business
5 Simple Ways to Succeed at Innovation
Serial entrepreneur, thought leader and author Faisal Hoque, agreed that innovation can be simple. “Even finding ways for your customer to interact or find you more easily is a process of innovation,” he said.

Hoque asserted, “If you’re not going to do it, you’re going to be out of business. It’s as simple as that.”

Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO)
Highlights from “Survive to Thrive”
“Entrepreneurs are praised for their triumphs, but what about their struggles and the journeys that brought them to success? In their new book, “Survive to Thrive: 27 Practices of Resilient Entrepreneurs, Innovators, And Leaders,” Faisal Hoque and Lydia Dishman let us look behind the curtain, sharing stories of now-thriving, prominent figures of business, like Julie Wainwright and Andy Sack. Each story focuses on one of nine essential principles needed to overcome adversity and seize opportunities.”

Hartford Business Journal
Tips for managing the ups and downs of entrepreneurism
Survive to Thrive — 27 Practices of Resilient Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Leaders” by Faisal Hoque and Lydia Dishman (Motivational Press, $19.95). There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Entrepreneurial dreams are always in “immediate, clear and present danger of demise.” Finding the upside when you’re upside down requires resilience. Through stories of entrepreneurs, the authors identified 27 resilience practices.”

Skip Prichard Leadership Blog
27 Practices Resilient Leaders Use to Thrive
“One of my entrepreneurial friends, Faisal Hoque, has a new book out about resilience. Faisal and his co-author, journalist Lydia Dishman, share what they learned studying leaders who have thrived in the midst of adversity. Survive to Thrive: 27 Practices of Resilient Entrepreneurs, Innovators, And Leaders is a journey into resilience.”

Source of Insight
Do You Have Monsters Under the Bed Syndrome?
“We mess up. Life’s messy. If you’re a leader, an entrepreneur, or simply human, I bet you can relate. In the book, Survive to Thrive: 27 Practices of Resilient Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Leaders, Faisal Hoque and Lydia Dishman serve up some great insight in how to get rid of the Monsters-Under-the-Bed and put fear and failure in their place.”

Accredited Investor Markets (AIMkts)™
Most VC-backed businesses fail 
Faisal Hoque says, “In today’s volatile market, the success for a new venture is often driven by its ability to recognize significant challenges and immediately identify the strategic imperatives necessary to address, survive, surpass, and thrive despite them.”

 Rebelle Society 
Everything Connects: Lessons on Mindfulness with Thought Leader Faisal Hoque 
This timely wisdom comes from the heart of an unlikely yet self-proclaimed student of life, Faisal Hoque, who is in the business of innovation and new ventures.

El Universal
Entrevista. “El emprendedor nace por supervivencia”
An interview with Faisal Hoque while he was in Mexico City for a keynote at the Mexico National Entrepreneurship Week.

Ragan’s PR Daily
The Value of Blogging: Lessons from Guardians of the Galaxy, John Oliver, Gaza, and Entrepreneur Faisal Hoque
There are a special set of challenges that come with writing for TV and movies that other writers don’t have to worry about quite as much.

 Diario de México
‘BonusMX014: Nodos Creativos’, vínculo entre emprenderos
Faisal Hoque (USA), fundador de Shadoka y autor de ‘Everything Connects’. Mark Jones (UK), fundador del sello discográfico Wall of Sound.

 Fortune/CNN Money
Becoming An Entrepreneur…Through Enlightenment
A Bangladesh-born management guru, Faisal Hoque, explains how “mindfulness” can transform your business.

Women’s Leadership Success
Everything Connects, a Woman’s Career Guide to Professional & Personal Success
Sabrina Braham MA PCC interviews Faisal Hoque who shares an innovative way of connecting a women’s self-development, relationships and the success of her company. He shares ideas to inspire and lead inside and outside your organization.

Leadership in VUCA World: Perspectives on #IndiaHRChat
What challenges does VUCA world pose to us as professionals, leaders and learners? This was the topic of June Edition of #IndiaHRChat in presence of special guest Faisal Hoque – an entrepreneur, author of Everything Connects – How to Transform and Lead in the Age of Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability (McGraw Hill, Spring 2014) and contributor to FastCompany and Huffington Post.

The American Bazaar
Wells Fargo plans to lend $100 billion to small businesses by 2018
“There is absolutely no substitute for passion and authenticity,” Hoque said in summation of his remarks, telling future and current small business owners that being true to themselves and passionate about their ideas are ultimately what will lead them to success in the long run.

 CNN Expansion
Cómo ser un emprendedor ‘iluminado’
Un gurú de la gestión explica como la plenitud de conciencia puede transformar tu negocio. Faisal Hoque dice que una postura prosocial y humanista ayuda a crear una conexión con el mercado.

Center for Creative Leadership
Leading Inside and Out
One conversation with Faisal Hoque and you understand why his new book – Everything Connects is powerful.

250 Words
Sam McNerney Interviews Faisal Hoque, Author of the New Book Everything Connects
Everything Connects combines the wisdom of 2500-year-old Eastern philosophies with the interconnected insights of Leonardo da Vinci to show how businesses can succeed in the long run. Faisal talks with Sam about mindfulness, “deep level” diversity, and what it means to be creative.

 Fast Company
5 Ways to Inspire and Encourage Everyone You Work With
You Have An All-Star Team and Vision For Miles — What’s Missing? Bring Your Focus Back To Your People’s Potential with These Tips Form The Authors of Everything Connects.

Live Chat: How To Transform And Lead In The Age Of Creativity, Innovation, And Sustainability
Fast Company contributors Faisal Hoque and Drake Baer conversation with Fast Company Leadership editor Kathleen Davis — discussing what it means to truly be a great leader in 2014.

11 Expert Tips To Help You Be More Productive In 2014
Author and entrepreneur Faisal Hoque has mastered the art of doing one thing at a time. In fact he’s so good at “single-tasking,” that he can lose himself mundane task like vacuuming and help ground his focus for his work. “Being in the moment allows us to escape from adversity, conserve our inner energy, and be more consciously productive,” he says.

The Most-Read Leadership Stories of 2013
#1: 10 Paradoxical Traits Of Creative People – Faisal Hoque explains how creative personalities are tricky things–humble yet proud, extroverted but at the same time introverted.

Photos of the Year: 2013
The #1 image was selected from Fast Company 10 Paradoxical Traits Of Creative People article by Faisal Hoque, it is also the most popular story on Fast Company for the year of 2013.

Live Chat: The Art Of Asking Good Questions
Learn from cross-industry experts about the fine art of asking questions–and how mastering it can improve your career and your relationships.

3 Ways Successful Leaders Buffer And Bounce Back From Adversity
Talk about a trip:  Faisal Hoque started his career in the U.S. as a “janitorial engineer,” but eventually went on to raise $95 million for his businesses, despite setbacks like being ousted as CEO of his own company (sound familiar, Apple?). Here’s what he learned along the way.

End The Management-Tech Disconnect In 5 Steps 
Reprinted by permission of the author, from The Power of Convergence: Linking Business Strategies and Technology Decisions to Create Sustainable Success (published by AMACOM). Copyright (c) 2011 by Faisal Hoque. All rights reserved.

 Wall Street Journal
The Technology Disconnect
It’s hard to find a glimmer of hope in the technology world these days.

Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog  
Creativity and Innovation Leadership: Connecting the Dots
Value creation, says Hoque, is “a continuous conversation between inside and outside. As individuals and as organizations, we need to devotedly cultivate resources in ourselves.”

Success in Business Comes When Everything Connects
The business world is a symphony of players and elements that only works when everything interconnects harmoniously. Continuous innovation and continuous learning are required for any sustained connection and success.

Health, Technology and the Forgotten Stepchild of Innovation
When it comes to innovating business models for healthcare delivery, it appears we have failed to keep pace with clinical innovations, and surprisingly with most other industries.

With Great Startups It’s All About The Execution
People and operational excellence have to converge in every business, large or small.  I found a good summary of the relevant keys to business operational excellence in a new book by Faisal Hoque, called “The Power of Convergence.” His focus is on repeatable practices to maximize business opportunities in large companies, but I’m convinced that these apply equally well to startups.

Collaborate to Innovate
“Working in high tech, I am surrounded by innovative ideas and collaboration-influenced projects. But is this the norm? I was surprised to find out that the average life span of S&P companies has been steadily decreasing from more than 50 years to fewer than 25 years as of today. When you project forward, it is likely that only a third of today’s major corporations will survive as significant businesses over the next 25 years. (data points from the Speed of Business Today by Faisal Hoque). This is a sobering thought!”

Skip Prichard Leadership Insights  
Everything Connects: An Interview with Faisal Hoque
We need to arrange our lives and our organizations in a way that leads to long-term value creation: surveying the subtle and not-so-subtle arts of idea generation, decision-making, and creating continuous value.

The Power of Convergence
In a converged organization technology and business leadership are able to operate simultaneously in both spaces. A single leadership team operates across both spaces with individual leaders directly involved with orchestrating actions in either space. Some activities may remain pure business and some pure technology, but most activities intertwine business and technology in such a manner that the two become indistinguishable.

Trust Across America – Trust Around the World Names Top 100 Thought Leaders 2014
Entrepreneur Faisal Hoque, Author of “Everything Connects” named one of the “TOP 100 THOUGHT LEADERS” alongside leaders such as Bill George, Tony Hsieh, Doug Conant, Howard Schultz, and others. Trust Across America-Trust Around the World (TAA-TWA), global leaders in organizational trust, has selected 2014’s Top 100 Thought Leaders. These experts can collectively transform the way organizations do business.

Everything Connects: Why Your Business Is Like a Nesting Doll
Faisal Hoque says organizational mindfulness can help you be aware of what’s happening inside and outside the people and organizations in your company, which can help you understand where connections can be made with the world – and your markets. We present this excerpt from “EVERYTHING CONNECTS: How To Transform And Lead In The Age Of Creativity, Innovation And Sustainability” by Faisal Hoque with Drake Baer. The book will be available at bookstores beginning in February.

Huffington Post
12 Business Books You Will Need to Read in 2014
Everything Connects is among the 12 books with big implications for the world of work that are likely to make a splash in the coming year.
Interview: Entrepreneurship – Everything Connects
SmallBizLady (@smallbizchat), Melinda Emerson, interviews Faisal Hoque on entrepreneurship.

Real Business at Xerox blog
Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Transformation and Leadership: Spend Five Minutes With Faisal Hoque
Serial entrepreneur who has raised millions of dollars for various business ventures shares his 21st century worldview on business.

Week in Review: Russia, VC, and PE Bosses
Faisal Hoque believes the number is particularly high because investors often falsely assume money ensures success. Instead, they — both VC and PE — should focus on better execution rather than capital infusion. By shifting the due diligence focus away from simply financial metrics to also include operational capabilities is a good starting point. These varied metrics will help better capture true growth potential. Hoque has a few other recommendations that are worth a read.

 East Money
风险投资往往被视为促进企业发展的助推器,但它带给企业的也不全是福音。可持续发展解决方案提供商 BTM 公司创始人兼 CEO、研究智库 BTM Institute 创始人费萨尔·霍克(Faisal Hoque)日前发表文章,探讨了大多数获得风投支持的公司走向失败的原因。

风险投资往往被视为促进企业发展的助推器,但它带给企业的也不全是福音。可持续发展解决方案提供商 BTM 公司创始人兼 CEO、研究智库 BTM Institute 创始人费萨尔·霍克(Faisal Hoque)日前发表文章,探讨了大多数获得风投支持的公司走向失败的原因。

33voices Interview with Faisal Hoque
In his latest book – The Power of Convergence – Faisal Hoque details why aligning technology decisions with a company’s business strategies is the key to sustainable success.  Follow his logic and you’ll be clear that “through convergence, organizations shed their inefficiencies in favor of collaboration, shared goals, and focused outcomes.  Convergence is the antithesis to internal rivalries, segmented initiatives, and fragmented strategies.”  Here’s something that will challenge your thinking…

Independent Joe
Donuts to Dollars in India
“There is a huge familiarity of U.S. culture and U.S. economy by the Indians, and vice versa – So from that point of view it’s easier for products or services like Dunkin’ Donuts to expand in that market.”

CIO Digest Magazine
The Power of Convergence Book Review
“Imagine that you have a new organization and are about to have lunch with the CEO to strategize on how to align business strategy with technology within and outside of the firm. Where do you start? Faisal Hoque’s The Power of Convergence is an excellent place to begin as it combines MBA-level strategy frameworks with real world examples of both successes and failures.”

 Markets Media
Capital Market Bandwidth Requirements Escalate
“From the inception of the transatlantic cable that linked London and New York for foreign exchange, technology has transformed the securities industry,” said Faisal Hoque, founder and chief executive of BTM Corp.

Chief Executive Magazine
Leading Transformative Growth
The business landscape is littered with the carcasses of companies that failed to adapt to changing conditions. Don’t join them.

M&A: Adding Up the Numbers
‘There are good integrations & then there are truly terrible ones.’

The Leadership Agenda: What do CEOs need to know to succeed today?
BTM CEO Faisal Hoque, Management Guru Ram Charan, and Heidrick & Struggles Vice Chair John Wood on CEO Leadership Agenda.

“Today, every operating blueprint is so complicated; and without an execution strategy it doesn’t mean anything,” asserted Faisal Hoque, founder and CEO of BTM Corporation. “So unless you have a collaborative way of coming up with a strategy and also the operational executions, the company will fail.”

Making the Most of M&A Deals
BTM Founder and CEO, Faisal Hoque, former Citigroup CEO Sandy Weill, former P&G CEO A. G. Lafley, and Dean of Darden Graduate School of Business, Bob Bruner analyze potential paths for success and dangerous pitfalls of disaster often experienced in the world of M&A

You’re Married, Now What?
“Acquiring companies focus on the numbers; they give much less attention to who will run the show and how,” agrees Faisal Hoque, founder and CEO of BTM Corporation, and author of The Power of Convergence. “Few have a process for integrating the best people, technologies, processes and functions,” Hoque adds. “They don’t consider how the business process architecture will come together in terms of the supply chain, distribution and customer care.”, China
Cause Analysis of Failure of Project Management
导读:这是Faisal Hoque系列文章的第二部分(第一部分请见:业务技术集成改变了IT的思考方式) 。在本文中,Hoque将讨论项目管理的失败,特别是“错误和低劣管理假设的完美风暴”的ERP实施造成的失败

Hoque discusses project management failures, particularly “errors and poor management assumptions of perfect storm” of ERP implementation failure.

The Hindu Business Line
Reap business value from tech investments
“Most of you remember LEGO from your childhood, playing with the building blocks the company is famous for. But around 2004, when Jorgen Vig Knudstorp took the reins of the company, it was bleeding more than $300 million annually, recounts Faisal Hoque.”

Silicon Valley in Transition
“If you look at those companies which have been enormously successful in Silicon Valley in the last five to 10 years, you find that they are largely founded on the business-to-consumer model,” says Faisal Hoque, CEO of BTM Corporation, which analyzes the convergence of business and technology management.

Companies can sag upon transition from founder to successor. Will Apple?
But “every firm with a charismatic leader and public face must eventually move from constantly being disruptive to a sustainable process for the long term,” says Mr. Hoque, author of “The Power of Convergence: Linking Business Strategies and Technology Decisions to Create Sustainable Success.”

 Bloomberg Businessweek
New Business Books
A list of books about job-hunting, careers, management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and success.

CIO Magazine
The Necessity of Partnering Up
“Whether you are Microsoft or General Electric the same rules apply,” says Hoque, who is also the founder of BTM, a management solution provider. “You can’t be the innovative leader in every single category you go after.”

What We’re Reading from the May 15, 2011 Issue of CIO Magazine
Everyone’s trying to figure out how to get business and technology working in harmony, and Hoque, formerly a senior executive at GE and author of Sustained Innovation, charts out a path. He offers advice on leadership, innovation, enterprise architecture, agility and more, all illustrated with helpful diagrams.

Study Provides Evidence That Technology Execution Leads to Business Performance
This is not about a project or ROI, but it’s about overall performance of the company.

 Innovate Forum
An Interview with Faisal Hoque by Amy Rowell, Executive Editor of Innovate Forum
Business and technology are inexorably linked in the quest to achieve sustained innovation.

Microsoft To Buy Skype For $8.5 Billion
“It’s the same reason why you use Google versus Bing–it’s a much more popular environment,” Faisal Hoque said. “I think people are more inclined to have both internally and externally focused communications over Skype.”

Spring Books for Technology Leaders
The head of the BTM Institute (along with a former Baseline editor) offers a new take on the convergence of business and technology strategies.

 CIO Quarterly
Finding Common Ground: Moving through alignment to a state of convergence
“In this issue of CIO Quarterly, global technology leaders and Mr. Convergence himself, Faisal Hoque, aim to give answers to these tough questions, discussing “in detail” the alignment evolution. Hoque, the architect of the Business Technology Convergence Index, advocates the importance of creating a ‘whole-brained enterprise’, where business and technology activities are intertwined and leadership teams operate almost interchangeably. And progressive CIOs agree.” – Editor-in-Chief, CIO Quarterly

The Wall Street Transcript
Interview with Faisal Hoque
“BTM Corporation is a management solutions provider that innovates new business models, enhances financial performance and improves operational efficiency at leading global corporations, government agencies and social businesses by converging business and technology with its unique products and intellectual property.”

 CIO Insight
Choosing Business Technology: Strategy Matters
Mr. Hoque reveals how top execs can lead the way for breakthroughs that address business values first and foremost.

Interview with Faisal Hoque
This interview was conducted by CIO Insight Magazine at the recent 2008 Sino-American CIO Summit held in Beijing, China. Faisal delivered a presentation entitled, “Convergence: The Wave of Future Success – Measuring Innovation and Growth to Bolster the Bottom Line.”

Convergence, Yes; Alignment, No
Aligning technology with business is a fundamentally flawed and limiting concept. Instead, companies should achieve a true melding of technology and business minds–what he calls convergence.

Eleven Technology Chiefs Make The Cut in Ziff Davis Enterprise’s 2008 List
The rest of the list is dominated by big names from technology vendors and service providers, as well as notable thinkers like Gary Hamel, Faisal Hoque and Nicholas Carr.

Editor’s Picks: 10 Best Business Books of 2007
Sustained Innovation Selected as One of the Top 10 Business Books of 2007

Five Insightful Transformation Books
Sustained Innovation and Winning The 3-Legged Race are selected as 2 of the 5 Top Transformation Books of last few years that can help align strategies and transform organizations in CIO Insight magazine.

Ziff Davis Enterprises
Faisal Hoque Named As One of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Technology
Mr. Hoque conceived and developed Business Technology Management (BTM) to direct the economic growth of organizations by converging business and technology, helping transform them into ‘whole-brained  enterprises’.

 The Daily News Paper of Bangladesh: The Daily Ittefaq
Story of Faisal Hoque and BTM Corporation
A native of Bangladesh, Faisal Hoque is the the Founder, Chairman and CEO of the BTM Corporation. He is the author of e-Enterprise, The Alignment Effect, Winning The 3-Legged Race, Six Billion Minds, and Sustained Innovation.

Italian Magazine: WMT
Interview with Faisal Hoque
In this interview with Web Marketing Tools (WMT), Italy’s number one magazine dedicated to exploring technology related issues, columnist and technology consultant Gianroberto Casaleggio opens the interview by asking Faisal Hoque about his latest book, The Alignment Effect and why companies find it so difficult to get business results from technology.

IBM Impact Events Blog
Interview with Faisal Hoque 
Thought leader, entrepreneur and CEO of BTM Corporation, Faisal Hoque talks about Business Agility at Impact 2010.

 Business Agility
Smart Devices & the Cloud Speed Business Agility
“This brings a whole new class of data to analytics,” says Faisal Hoque, founder and CEO of BTM Corp. “In the case of retail it is data that comes directly from the customer. There is no better customer data.”

Finding the Future in the Clouds
“Agile firms fine-tune their existing best-practices and innovate new ones,” says Faisal Hoque, CEO of BTM Corp.

 Building Smart Applications Blogs
Why Are We Agile?
“Traditional practices did not stress the need for innovation, but business now runs very differently than it did in the past. Boundaries no longer exist, and we play on a global field, where unforeseen changes in the marketplace and the competitive climate can arise at any time. (Hoque, 2010)”

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