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Transforming Public Sector Inefficiencies :: Architecting a Value Driven Future State

Download: Transforming Public Sector Inefficiencies

Every governmental agency must create a collaborative management structure.

Any large organization in today’s complex global environment requires collaborative execution.  Unless you have a collaborative way of coming up with a strategy, as well as the operational execution of that strategy, the organization will fail to create value. Therefore, every governmental agency must create a collaborative management structure driven from an inter-connected enterprise model to execute the operational plan. It’s no secret that government agencies often operate like satellite republics, with little or no communication. Furthermore, the antiquated systems in most agencies stifle even in-house communication. That leaves the end user – the citizen – with little or no hope of being served as well as possible.


Today’s Small Business, Tomorrow’s Global Giant :: How Experience-based Products & Services Will Dominate Sustainable Growth

Thriving in Uncertain Times

Download: Today’s Small Business, Tomorrow’s Global Giant

Innovation is all about rethinking things.

John Deere didn’t just toss his arms in the air and blame the rich Midwestern soil that made iron and wooden plows hard to maneuver and cumbersome to clean. He created a cast-steel plow that revolutionized agriculture and cultivated a world-leading iconic brand. Amanda Hocking didn’t get discouraged by the rejection letters from big-name publishers, and launched a multi-million dollar career using social media. Think about the “NO” you won’t accept and pursue it differently.

A new approach can transform a business, making it fun for employees and customers alike, including those who will never walk through your doors.


Thriving in Uncertain Times :: Architecting Transformative Growth When Traditional Economic Models Have Become Obsolete

Thriving in Uncertain Times

Download: Thriving in Uncertain Times

At no time in history has civilization been in such a state of foment. To no one’s surprise, the economic principles set forth more than 200 years ago no longer work. Nations are going bankrupt. Governments and political parties seem incapable of performing their appointed work. The unemployed seek jobs that no longer exist.  Businesses find themselves in tooth-and-nail struggles to survive.  And technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, making it difficult to stay abreast of its powers.

This call-to-action thought leadership paper presents a pragmatic model, along with knowledge, guidelines and real-world examples from around the globe so readers can understand the powerful transformative changes already underway.


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BusinessWeek – Next: Innovation Tools & Trends
Mixing Biz with Tech: Profitable Management Mash-Ups

“A new report that recently crossed my desk from the BTM Institute, a four-year-old non-profit think tank, is a thought-provoking look at how many kinds of companies can move beyond simply being innovative and toward becoming more agile, resilient, and profitable by creating a management mash-up of their business and technology teams.” – Management

“Want to know more about why companies such as UPS, Wal-Mart and Starwood consistently best their competition?The BTM Institute, a nonprofit research think tank, has released a research report showing that companies that converge business and technology reap great financial benefit when compared with those who don’t.”


CIO Magazine – Management

“The fundamental problem when businesspeople use trendy phrases like agility, innovation, resilience and adaptability is that their meaning is not clear. Now the BTM Institute, a nonprofit think tank established to study how best to manage business and technology, has come up with a definition: consistent execution, with constant growth that’s tied to financial performance.”


CIO Insight Magazine

“The Business Technology Management Institute, a research think tank organized by Faisal Hoque, chairman and CEO of BTM Corporation, and boasting several top IT academics like James Cash, V. Sambamurthy and Robert Zmud, has released a study on the benefits of alignment and what the authors call “convergence,” an even higher level of business-IT cooperation and coordination than mere alignment.”