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Visit the Speaking Engagements section of the website to view clips of Faisal speaking.  Below are some highlights of Faisal’a audio/video interviews.


33voices Q&A with Faisal Hoque :: Discussion on how to transform and lead in the age of creativity, innovation, and sustainability. Listen now.

Soundview Q&A with Faisal Hoque
“Gathering the right people at the right time in their lives, in the right combination of talents, is curation,” says Hoque.

Faisal Hoque on Everything Connects presented by American Author.



 Wharton Business Radio
SiriusXM Chanel 111 — September 2nd, 2014 
 |  ”How to Transform and Lead in the Age of Creativity, Innovation, and Sustainability”

 Women’s Leadership SuccessEverything Connects, a Woman’s Career Guide to Professional & Personal Success :: Sabrina Braham MA PCC interviews Faisal Hoque who shares an innovative way of connecting a women’s self-development, relationships and the success of her company. He shares ideas to inspire and lead inside and outside your organization. Listen to the podcast now.

Stu Taylor Show: If People Don’t Change, They Won’t Survives :: Success or failure is a journey: what is today’s success is tomorrow’s failure and what is today’s failure is tomorrow’s success. Listen Here.

Radio Amerika Now: Everything Connects with Faisal Hoque :: Joining the show during the final hour is serial entrepreneur, leading thought leader and author Faisal Hoque, he discusses his latest book, Everthing Connects. Listen to the podcast now.

 FMG Radio: Serial Entrepreneur, Thought Leader and Author Shares Secrets to Happiness :: Faisal shares with Marilyn Tam how he stays happy. Listen to PART 1.  Listen to PART 2.

 Inside Personal Growth: Everything Connects with Faisal Hoque :: “I personally have not found a book that is impactful as “Everything Connects” in showing us as humans how we can shift our thinking of business as a means to better ourselves and the world around us.” – Greg Voisen. Listen to the podcast now.

 Engaging Leader: Everything Connects | with Faisal Hoque :: In this episode, Jesse and Faisal discuss how the more we understand the mental and emotional causes of innovation and creativity, the better we can lead ourselves and our team to make progress that matters.

News12 On the Money: There is No Substitute for Vision! Becky Suran Interviews Faisal Hoque :: “There is no substitute for vision…definition of a ‘converged’ company is an organization that continuously innovates new business models by utilizing technology effectively, and understands changing socio-economic conditions,” says Hoque.

Saudi National TV (KSA2) Interview: Innovative Entrepreneurial Spirit Opportunities to be a Knowledge Economy Driven by Innovative Entrepreneurial Spirit :: What distinguishes today’s successful enterprise is knowledge–such as knowledge of the customers, the suppliers, and new business ideas that could emerge from anywhere. From that point of view, the US and MidEast have great opportunities to leverage each other’s resources to move beyond the traditional oil and gas economy to the next generation knowledge economy.

The Transformational Triangle Innovation, Agility, and Operational Excellence :: Faisal Hoque discusses The Transformational Triangle and why the current hyper-competitive global marketplace demands that organizations must 1) be innovative with products, processes and business models, 2) agile enough to abandon activities that no longer make sense, and 3) perform required operational activities as efficiently as possible.

BOOTH School of Business Podcast: Entrepreneurial Ventures Sustainable Growth with Scalable and Repeatable Processes :: “Entrepreneurship is not a straight line and the assets required extend well beyond financial. You need passion, discipline to execute on your vision, ability to sacrifice, and relentless perseverance to remain committed even when people tell you to give up.” Hear from Faisal Hoque in a University of Chicago Booth School of Business Podcast on Entrepreneurial Ventures.


Building Extraordinary Business : Interview with Faisal Hoque
Jimmy Nemley Interviews Faisal Hoque
A guest on Jim Nemley’s radio show “Building Extraordinary Business”, was Faisal Hoque, also known as “Mr. Convergence.” This program promises to help you and your business grow!

33voices : Interview with Faisal Hoque
33voices Interview with Faisal Hoque
In his latest book – The Power of Convergence – Faisal Hoque details why aligning technology decisions with a company’s business strategies is the key to sustainable success.  Follow his logic and you’ll be clear that “through convergence, organizations shed their inefficiencies in favor of collaboration, shared goals, and focused outcomes.  Convergence is the antithesis to internal rivalries, segmented initiatives, and fragmented strategies.”  Here’s something that will challenge your thinking…

Jumpstart Foundry : Episode 37 Faisal Hoque Podcast
Dave Delany Interviews Faisal Hoque
“Most tech entrepreneurs focus on building the right solution to solve major problems, the financial success comes along later.”

Bloomberg Radio : The Hays Advantage Podcast
Kathleen Hays interviews Faisal Hoque
Faisal Hoque, Chairman of BTM Corporation discusses the Google and Motorola Deal, Macro Trends in Today’s Economy, Transformation in Private and Public Sector.

Dresser After Dark Radio Show
Michael Ray Dresser interviews Faisal Hoque
“The basis for moving forward is understanding we live in a globally interconnected economic, business and social environment. As we move further into the 21st century, new technologies are changing these fundamental relationships at an ever-accelerating pace. Cross-cultural boundaries are diminishing. The marketplace is growing ever more intense and demanding. Clearly, the imperative to innovate could not be greater.”

WLTP Radio – The Doug Hess Morning Show
Doug Hess interviews Faisal Hoque
In this interview, Faisal warns the listeners of a potential ‘social media’ bubble. He talks about mega market trends, impact of technology in businesses, society, and opportunity to be successful – regardless of organizational size or geographic location.

WNTJ NewsTalk Radio
Rick Sheppard interviews Faisal Hoque
Faisal describes how differentiating business models empowered by repeatable management capabilities and innovative technology usages makes or breaks businesses and governmental agencies alike. He says right convergence of business and technology will make ‘today’s startup into tomorrow’s behemoth’.

 Chief Operating Blueprints
Faisal Hoque on Operating Blueprints: Execution Strategies that Maximize Growth
Recognizing and avoiding what leads to major failures is essential. There are three main causes: executive leadership has inconsistent access to the right information; operating executives work in relative isolation; boards and management lack the visibility to gain an appropriate understanding of business operations. According to Hoque: “Operating blueprints connect the dots between financial reporting and actual business operations.”

 TechTarget SearchCIO: Innovators
Faisal Hoque on Technology Convergence
“Technology is the driver of the economy today,” Hoque says. “So, one of the things we wanted to do was not highlight the technology, but what happens when you really apply a management approach to technology that enhances your sustainable growth.”

WAMV-AM – The Morning Show
Bob Langstaff interviews Faisal Hoque
Faisal talks about the sustainable management practices that will drive the growth or the demise of large enterprises. He highlights how next generation job skills are going to change as a result of affordable access to technology with the emergence of cloud computing, distributed apps, and mobile devices. And how consumer and social behaviors are forcing enterprise business models.

Radio America
Greg Corombos interviews Faisal Hoque
Faisal Hoque talks about his own entrepreneurial journey and genesis of ‘BTM’. He talks about his new book, The Power of Convergence, the strong indicators of converged enterprises. He talks about the strategies and steps needed to utilize technology to transform small to medium size companies into industry power houses.

CBS Radio – Washington DC
Dr. Alvin Jones interviews Faisal Hoque
Celebrity radio personality Dr. Alvin Jones highlights Faisal Hoque on his show – Where World Leaders & Thinkers Come To Chat. In this insightful interview, Faisal talks about how the world of business and management is changing rapidly and the need to drive sustainable financial value from technology investments.

KCTA Radio
David Freymiller interviews Faisal Hoque
Faisal Hoque discusses the greatest challenges being dealt with throughout board rooms across the country, and offers practical management advice to the morning radio audience of KCTA, Corpus Christi, TX as outlined in his book, The Power of Convergence.

Talk Radio Podcast
Bill Edwards Podcast with Faisal Hoque
Mr. Hoque spoke to Bill about the convergence of business and technology management with unique products and solutions that innovate new business models, enhance financial performance, and improve operational efficiency.